Helping You to Maintain Your Beautiful Property

Battaglia Landscaping was founded over 20 years ago with the goal to provide customers with outstanding service and a property they can be proud of.


We pride ourselves on quality and customer service. Our customers depend on us to make their homes and business look the best they can be. Using top of the line equipment and following a strict landscaping plan, our highly trained and qualified crews will make your property look amazing.

Whether it is mowing, edging, pruning or even plowing your driveway, we take pride in what we do. We treat every property as if it is our own. We service small homes to large businesses. With multiple crews, you can be guaranteed that your property will be maintained on a strict schedule and held to the highest standards.

Description of Maintenance Services 

Spring Clean-up: Removal of any leaves branches and debris that may be on turf areas. Clean out leaves, branches and debris from under shrubs and from planting beds. Sweep up sand from turf along roadway. The turf will also be de-thatched at this time. 

Parking Lot: As part of the Spring Clean-up sand and debris left from the previous winter will be swept up and removed from the property. 

Mowing: All Turf areas mowed weekly, at recommended heights, during the growing season. Clippings will be left on the turf as long as no readily visible clumps remain on the grass surface after mowing. Planting beds, parking areas, sidewalks, courtyards, etc. will be blown to remove excess grass clippings. Grass around fences, buildings, trees and posts and walkways and pavement will be trimmed. Litter and debris on the turf areas will be picked up and removed at each mowing. 

Bed Maintenance: Planting beds will be cleaned, edged and weeded. Mulch will be installed in the beds upon completion of the weeding and edging. Weed and grass control will include hand pulling as needed. Bed edges are kept clean and well defined. 

Trimming: Deciduous shrubs and Evergreens will be pruned according to recommended horticultural practices to maintain a clean attractive appearance. Ornamental trees will be trimmed, pruned and suckers removed to allow the trees to grow properly. 

Fall Clean-up: Remove leaves from all lawns, planter beds and walkways and parking areas to maintain a clean appearance. 

Mulching: A layer of shredded hardwood mulch will be applied to the planting beds. Color to be determined by the Property Owner. 

Additional services available: 

Pavement maintenance,

Turf aeration

Turf over seeding

Flowers – color enhancement using annuals and/or perennials

Tree and shrub planting

Turf – Fertilization and weed control

Landscape – New installation or renovating existing landscapes

Landscape design

Hardscape installation – patios, walkways, porches, etc.

Hardscape maintenance and renovations