Design Process

Why shouldn’t the outside of your home be as livable as the inside?

What comes to mind when you think of landscaping? A tree over here? A bush there?

Our design philosophy is simple: Your landscaping should be both functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing, it should serve you and your lifestyle.

Landscape design marries form and function-beauty with usability.

To achieve this we follow a simple design process:

Landscape Design Process

Our landscape design projects follow a step by step process.

Step One: Your first step to a beautiful landscape design is contacting Battaglia Landscaping. We will schedule a consultation to meet with you and walk your property with you. We strongly recommend you begin to think about a budget for the landscape project prior to our meeting.

Step Two: Our representative will meet with you at the proposed project site where we will first walk the property with you and discuss your vision for your property.  We will schedule a second appointment to review a preliminary draft of the landscape design.

Also at this time we will take measurements and digital pictures to begin the design phase.

Step Three: During the second meeting, our representative will present a preliminary draft of the landscape design. Any necessary changes and/or additions can be made at this time. After this process the designer will begin the Final Plan, which may or may not be modified be the client

Step Four: At this time a third meeting will be scheduled to go over the final landscape plan. All aspects of the final design, including cost and materials, will be discussed atthis time. Upon accepting our landscape plan and quote, both Battaglia Landscaping and the you will sign a contract. We will then schedule an APPROXIMATE time for the landscape installation phase to begin.

Step Five: A representative from Battaglia Landscaping will contact you one week prior to the landscape installation process to confirm our installation date. Next, the installation of the landscaping begins. Upon completion and satisfaction of the project, our representative will go over proper care procedures for your new landscape installation, answer any questions you may have. At this time the remaining balance will be due.

Your project is completed and it is time to enjoy and share your new outdoor living space.